NEW: DLC coating (Diamond-like Carbon)

Now available for all K-80 and K-20 steel surfaces.

Krieghoff now offers the DLC coating (Diamond-like Carbon) as a standard option for all competition shotguns. This extremely durable surface coating is a carbon film that is applied to the steel of the barrel and receiver. As the name suggests, its hardness is almost that of diamond. This provides the surface with excellent protection against scratches and environmental influences. The material is almost insensitive even to chemical effects such as those that occur with acids or bases.

The DLC surface coating is therefore perfect for heavily used sports shotguns that are often exposed to bad weather during tournaments.

The appearance of the coating depends on the surface of the steel. This enabled us to develop a very matt and therefore low-reflective look that is not irritating even in bright surroundings.

For the DLC barrel finish, a matching Krieghoff lettering (shiny, permanent) will be optionally available.