Hunting Arms

We present: Krieghoff Optima

The European hunting culture brought out a gun, in which its whole facet wealth reflects itself: The drilling. Like no other gun, it reflects ingenuity and the art of gun making at its best.

We present: Krieghoff Semprio

Wolfgang Schmid, co-developer of the Krieghoff Semprio and passionate hunter, presents to you everything there is to know about perhaps the most extraordinary repeating rifle in the world.

We present: Krieghoff Ultra

With the kind support of Maximilian Scherrle from our sales team, we would like to introduce our Krieghoff Ultra to you.

We present: Krieghoff Hubertus

With the kind support of Maximilian Scherrle from our sales team, we would like to introduce our Krieghoff Hubertus to you.English subtitles are available.

We present: Krieghoff Classic

With the kind support of Maximilian Scherrle from our sales team, we would like to introduce our Krieghoff Classic to you.English subtitles are available.

Krieghoff Trailer 2020

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Krieghoff factory in Germany and experience the immense amount of craftsmanship and experience that goes into the making of these world famous guns. Enjoy the journey of a Krieghoff-Hubertus with Huntress Sabrina Bloch from Switzerland.

MOUNTAIN GOATS - under the spell of British Columbia

The huntress Sabrina D. Bloch fulfills a big dream. She is traveling to the Canadian province of British Columbia. Here she is received by Miachel Schneider. Michael accompanies Sabrina as a friend and professional hunting guide into the deserted wilderness. Also included is the assistant Tamara Eichhoff. With the goal to capture a snow goat, the three plunge into a hunting and nature adventure.

K-20 Victoria Trailer

Aptly named after the Goddess of Victory, the K-20 Victoria promises women triumph in the field or on the range. Offering a beautifully designed and tailored stock for the female shooter, K-20 Victoria’s graceful balance and lightweight barrels give any woman an unbeatable field companion.

Hunting in Benin

In the new Krieghoff movie we follow Henrik Lott through a buffalo hunting adventure and encounters with other Big Game in West Africa. We get rare insights in the environment of the West African Savanna Buffalo.

On the hunt - A look behind the scenes at Krieghoff

For her new film "Auf der Jagd" ("On the Hunt"), Sabrina D. Bloch visited the Krieghoff factory in Ulm to watch the master gunsmiths at work during the production of the gun to be used in her film - a Krieghoff Hubertus - and to find out what gives a Krieghoff its unique character. 

A Hunting Season in Germany

I am Henrik Lott. Accompany me on a hunting season in Germany, where we show what hunting means to me and other hunters: It's about "being in the outdoors", it's about experiencing moments during the year that are reserved only for hunters, and it's about bringing home venison, the highest quality food that nature has to offer.

Hunting in Switzerland with Sabrina D. Bloch

The Swiss huntress Sabrina D. Bloch usually goes abroad in search of her hunting adventures. But in summer 2017, she went back to her roots. Sabrina, together with her father René, is going stalking in her home territory - in the forests that inspired her to begin hunting decades ago. Will Sabrina be successful in hunting roebuck?

The ultimate single shot rifle

In this section, we introduce our ultimate single shot rifle that we have made. Some call them Frankenstein's monster and others find it just perfect...

Krieghoff Semprio, In-Line Repeater tutorial

Semprio – revolutionary and unique. Optimised ergonomics and kinetics come together in this new Krieghoff In-Line repeating rifle. The result: fast, intuitive repeating motion with excellent target acquisition.

Handmade in Ulm

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of Krieghoff where avid hunters and sporting shooters live their passion through manufacturing fine hunting and sporting arms for our valued customers.

Erongo - Hunting the grey ghost of the mountain

Henrik Lott hunts with Kai-Uwe and Hagen Denker for Kudu in the Erongo mountains of Namibia. The habitat is rough and wild, and the original home of the elusive Kudu, the so called grey ghost of the mountain. The hunt is physically challenging but rewards the hunter with an unforgettable experience and the deep insight that hunting is the purest and most honest form of our existence and nowadays the only way for an area to be protected from the destruction of civilization. 

Canadian Double - Hunting Moose and Caribou

Henrik Lott hunts moose and mountain caribou in the harsh country and rough terrain of the Canadian North West Territories. This is a pure wilderness backpack hunt in a hunting area with the size of Belgium and without any roads or settlements. The helicopter flys the hunters out and the hunt begins. Main game and wildlife in the South Nahanni Outfit is Moose, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly (protected), Dall sheep, mountain goat, wolf and wolverine.


We present: Krieghoff K-80

In the global community of clay shooters, the Krieghoff K-80 has a very special status.Not only did it make history, it also sets standards today. With the kind support of Daniel Spatz from our sales team, we would like to introduce our Krieghoff K-80 to you.

2019 World FITASC Sporting Championship UK final

Krieghoff impressions from the 41st World FITASC Sporting Championship 2019 at E.J. Churchill, UK.

2018 European FITASC Sporting Championship - Piancardato, Italy

Krieghoff impressions from the 51st European FITASC Sporting Championship at Piancardato, Italy. Get to know some of the Krieghoff shooters and join Inna Alexandrova on her way, of becoming the European Champion in Ladies 2018!

Krieghoff @ 2017 World FITASC Sporting Championship - Hungary

Join the #TeamKrieghoff during the 39th World FITASC Sporting Championship in Galgamácsa - Hungary. Get a glimpse into the Krieghoff family membership and celebrate together with us the consecutive world champion title and success of Inna and Rebecka!

2017 FITASC European Sporting Championship – Lulworth Estate, United Kingdom

Impressions from Krieghoff of the 2017 FITASC Sporting EM. Congratulations to Martin Myers - UK! Martin just won the Silver Medal at the 50th FITASC European Sporting Championship at Lulworth Castle, UK. He got second with just one target behind the winner Christophe Auvret.

Shotgun training with world champion Ed Solomons at Dornsberg

A dream came true for six readers of dlv-Jagdmedien: a two-day shotgun seminar with FITASC world champion Ed Solomons and Krieghoff at the Dornsberg hunting grounds. 

Why shoot a Krieghoff?

Ever wonder why the most successful sporting clay competitors shoot Krieghoff shotguns? Watch this video and you will hear from the best why they only compete with the best. From our family to yours.

Krieghoff K-80 @ World FITASC Sporting Championship Portugal

Come and join our international Krieghoff Shooting Team during the World FITASC Sporting Championship in Portugal and celebrate with us our new World Champion and K-80 shooter Ed Solomons (GBR)!

Krieghoff K-80 @ Olympic clay shooting

Join our love and passion in the Krieghoff world of Olympic clay shooting! Let's have a look behind the scenes of Olympic Clay Target Shooting and watch over the shoulder of popular K-80 shooters, who share our true passion: The K-80.

The Gunsmith - Welt der Wunder

The gunsmith combines the highest craftsmanship with the latest technology. Depending on the equipment, he turns a competition shotgun, like the Krieghoff K80, into a fine unique item. 'Welt der Wunder' looks over the barrel of gunsmiths during their work ...