Next Exhibition

23. – 25.08.2024,
Flamschen 64, 48653 Coesfeld

Passion for hunting meets festival enthusiasm! The GEARTESTER Festival is THE perfect fusion of tough product tests, new innovative hunting equipment and a good portion of festival mania! Grab your fellow hunters and hunting friends! A wild and enthusiastic community meeting awaits you with everything that makes your GEARTESTER heart beat faster.

For a whole weekend, everything is possible - product tests during the day and then turn night into day - with live DJs on site.

Be part of the GEARTESTER Festival 2024!

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Next Competition

July 27th - 30th 2024
Hudson (WI) - USA

Dear Krieghoff Shooters, Dear Friends,

As longtime F.I.T.A.S.C. partner and a longtime tradition of Krieghoff’s participation at FITASC’s European & World Sporting competitions we are proud to announce our participation for this year’s World FITASC Sporting Championship.

We will offer a nice display of Krieghoff competition shotguns including professional advice and service around Krieghoff.

Demo shotguns (the legendary K-80 Sporting, the K-80 ProSporter as well as the K-80 Parcours) are available for being tested on a practice layout! If you are interested in an annual service for your K-80, K-20 or K-32, please make sure to book in advance in order to ensure that our gunsmith won’t be booked out when you stop by our booth. Further information about service offers can be requested by email:

You can check available time slots online at

Come by and have a chat with us or have a break and place to rest! We are looking forward to seeing you all.


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