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Discover some of the many new products that will be presented by exhibitors at Europe’s largest hunting exhibition in Dortmund.


Around 80.000 visitors and 800 companies from 41 countries came to Dortmund in 2018. The foreign share was one third. When asked how satisfied they were overall with JAGD & HUND, the visitors gave the rating “good”. Most would recommend the exhibition to others. The exhibition in 2018 received the highly positive rating of 1.8 –  JAGD & HUND is clearly a visitor favourite.

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The FeHoVa is considered one of the most important fairs of hunting, fishing and weapons in Eastern and Central Europe. A large number of exhibitors present a wide range of products, services and techniques in each area. The combination of exhibition and show makes this trade fair a unique experience for all hunters, anglers and sport shooters. In addition, the fair serves as a meeting place for the industry and offers its visitors the opportunity for extensive technical discussions.

On the whole the organizers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 09. February to 12. February 2017, about 310 exhibitors and 47000 visitors on the FeHoVa in Budapest.

The FeHoVa will take place on 4 days from Thursday, 13. February to Sunday, 16. February 2020 in Budapest.

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The aim of the FISCHEN JAGEN SCHIESSEN trade fair in Bern is to offer the public a comprehensive exhibition of the products of the areas FISHING, HUNTING, SHOOTING and NATURE produced, represented or sold in Switzerland and internationally. In addition, various special shows represent the wide range of activities and tasks of the special areas: basic information about the activities and tasks of fishermen, hunters and gunmen as part of our society, fishermen and hunters as hunters in connection with the concerns of nature, species and Landscape protection and the conservation of habitats, the shooting as a sport and service operation. The fair is THE meeting place for fishermen, marksmen, hunters and nature lovers. More than 220 national and international exhibitors and dealers present their products and services to an interested audience. The fair is interesting for trade and private visitors and offers an optimal platform for presenting novelties, products and services from all three areas as well as networking with associations, industry partners, interest groups and the media. The FJS is the most successful and largest national fair in this field. The varied supporting program consists of various special shows, demonstrations and presentations from the three areas. The central location makes the city of Bern the ideal exhibition venue. The capital of Switzerland borders directly on French-speaking Switzerland and lies in the center of Europe. The optimal connection of the exhibition center to the public and individual traffic as well as the attractive tourist and cultural environment are decisive advantages of the venue Bern.

The FISHING HUNTING GAME takes place on 4 days from Thursday, 13. February to Sunday, 16. February 2020 in Bern.

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The Hohe Jagd & Fischerei is the leading hunting and fishing fair in the Alpine region and an ideal platform for exhibitors to present their company and their range of services to a knowledgeable audience. It is aimed primarily at hunters, fishermen, nature lovers, leisure activists and off-road enthusiasts, who can inform themselves on the fair about innovations and trends. The Hohe Jagd & Fischerei takes place at the same time as the Absolut Allrad and Ferien Messe.

On the whole the organizers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 22 February to 25 February 2018, about 629 exhibitors and 45248 visitors on the Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei in Salzburg.

Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei will take place on 4 days from Thursday, 20. February to Sunday, 23. February 2020 in Salzburg.

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The leading international trade fair for hunting and shooting sports, outdoor equipment and equipment for use in civil and government security.
The annual highlight for the international retail trade from March 6th to 9th, 2020 at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg

Whether hunting accessories or personal protection: The international trade fair IWA OutdoorClassics shows high-quality weapons and outdoor products from international suppliers. Experience light materials, high comfort and improved functions. Also the equipment around the topic of civilian and official safety requirements is in the center of interest.

This is where the most renowned manufacturers and dealers meet: The leading international trade fair for hunting and shooting sports, outdoor equipment and equipment for use in civilian and official security in Nuremberg.

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The Hunting Fair, Salon de la Chasse and the Faune Sauvage de Rambouillet, which takes place in the Parc des Expositions on the Aumône island of Mantes la Jolie in the middle of the Seine, is known as the largest indoor exhibition of its kind. Here, exhibitors from all over the world present to a wide audience of professional hunters and hunting enthusiasts all the novelties of the industry, from hunting weapons to matching clothing, and show them off in the open air. The event is a communication and information platform for the hunting industry and offers excellent opportunities to make new contacts.

The Salon de la Chasse and the Faune Sauvage de Rambouillet will take place on 4 days from Friday, March 27 to Monday, March 30, 2020 in Mantes-la-Jolie.

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Camp Villmark is an international sales and information fair for hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment and one of the leading events of its kind in Scandinavia. It provides a platform for industry professionals to promote their products and services. Visitors from all over Norway use the Villmark fairs to try out and compare equipment, to get to know new techniques and to further their education.

The Camp Villmark will take place on 3 days from Friday, 27. March to Sunday, 29. March 2020 in Lillestrøm.

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The EXPOHunting in Sosnowiec addresses itself with its offer to enterprises and persons from the hunting industry. The fair is an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues, exchange experiences and introduce the hunt to a large audience. The aim of the fair is to show hunting as a lifestyle, but also as a leisure activity. The EXPOHunting takes place together with the Intourex and the EXPOFish.

On the whole the organizers welcomed on the 3 days of the fair, from 16. March to 18. March 2018, about 230 exhibitors from 8 countries on the EXPOHunting in Sosnowiec.

The EXPOHunting will take place on 3 days from Friday, 03. April to Sunday, 05. April 2020 in Sosnowiec.

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