Gun of the Year 2023

In the early days of the Wild West, the Native American people drove bison across the prairie and up steep cliffs. Unable to stop the momentum built up from being pursued, the bison continued over the edge of the cliff, landing on the ground below. The cliffs, vital for bison hunting, were known as “Buffalo Jump”.

Krieghoff’s Gun of the Year 2023 is dedicated to this dramatic Wild West hunting technique.

Gun of the year 2023
“Buffalo Jump”

The new masterpiece by the Creative Art engraving house depicts the Native Americans’ traditional hunt for the mighty bison in remarkable detail. The left side of the receiver features an old Chief holding a buffalo skull in his hands. The intensity of the driven hunt taking place next to him causes one of the horses to rear up wildly. One rider uses his expert skills not to be thrown from his horse.

The receiver’s right side shows a close-up of the battle between man and buffalo. This time, Creative Art puts you in front of the buffalo so you can almost feel them thundering toward you. A young Chief supervises the hunt, shield in hand ready to fend off danger.

The receiver’s bottom shows the Grand Finale of the hunt – the hunters’ success as the bison fall from the Buffalo Jump, some in an upended fashion.

Native American patterns and symbols, such as feathers, traditional weapons, and American West vegetation and landscape, are worked into the engraving. The expansive K-80/S  Sideplates provide the ideal canvas for this cinematic-like engraving that draws you into the hunt.

Every year, Krieghoff creates a very special Gun of the Year. An overview of the previous Guns of the Year can be found under the following link:

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