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Change in Krieghoff management

After decades of dedication to the Krieghoff brand, Dieter Krieghoff resigned from his position as Managing Director at H. Krieghoff GmbH at the end of 2021. "I am now at an age where most people have long since retired. Now it's time for me to slowly step back" he said in a letter to his employees.

Dieter Krieghoff, who has long focused on North America and conquered the world's largest sporting arms market there, founded the independent Krieghoff International Inc. in 1986, which is based in Ottsville, Pennsylvania (USA).

Through his tireless commitment and intensive dialogue with shooters, as well as personal presence at small, large and international shooting sport events, Dieter Krieghoff is paramount to the success of the "K-80" competition shotgun in the American market and thus to the worldwide success of the Krieghoff brand. The appreciation of his work has been expressed multiple times by various international associations, including his induction into the "Hall of Fame" of the American Trap Association (ATA) and the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA).

In the United States, Dieter Krieghoff now assumes the position of Chairman of the Board of Krieghoff International. Alex Diehl, who has been part of the management for many years, took over as President & CEO, effective October 1st, 2021.

At the company's headquarters in Ulm, Phil Krieghoff is now the sole managing partner and directs Krieghoff's business. The 136-year-old family business is now in its fifth generation.

However, Dieter Krieghoff will not withdraw completely: “I will no longer have much to do with day-to-day business, but I will continue to support both companies in an advisory capacity. I will continue to attend some trade fairs and events and help represent Krieghoff.”