The winners have been announced!

The winner is: Lot number 150

On August 28, 2021, the lottery of the 'Förderkreises Nationalmannschaft Wurfscheibe' promotional group took place for the ninth time with a total of 500 tickets. Since the 'Deutsche Meisterschaft Sportschießen' took place again this year as usual, the raffle was again carried out as part of the first weekend of the DM and not, as last year, at H. Krieghoff GmbH, which nevertheless once again provided the main prize of the lottery, a K-80 shotgun worth around € 12,000. This year Karlheinz Krause (lot number 150) can look forward to the high-quality shotgun, who has already been informed of his win by telephone.

In this year's raffle, 25,000 euros (500 lots of € 50 each) were collected. The 'Förderkreis Wurfscheibe' is happy to be able to continue to support the trap and skeet offspring with this proud sum. This takes place, for example, in the form of training units for the national shooters in the junior section or the cast in all international measures.
A big thank you goes to the 'Förderkreis Nationalmannschaft Wurfscheibe' as the initiator of the lottery, to its spokesman Werner Diener, to the company H. Krieghoff GmbH from Ulm for the donation of the K-80 shotgun and to all the hardworking sellers of the tickets as well as the maintenance of the homepage ( Last but not least, a big thank you to all lottery participants who actively support the young athletes with the stake of € 50 per ticket.

In addition to the Krieghoff K-80 shotgun, the following numerous prizes were raffled off:

2,000 rounds of Rottweil Special 24g sports cartridges from RUAG Ammotec
Lot 246 - Andreas Ullmer

1 hour target shooting for 2 people including ammunition and targets in the 'Müller Schiesszentrum Ulm' (MSZU)
Lot 146 - Kurt Garling

Vouchers from AKAH "Albrecht Kind GmbH" worth 250 euros
Lot 362 - Frank Werner
Lot 253 - Joao Paulo P. Rodrigues
Lot 225 - Werner Braun

1 starting place at the opening competition in Großdobritz in April 2022 including 200 trap or skeet targets and an overnight allowance of € 75
Lot 047 - Ralf Peters Davids

1 starting place at the International Brandenburg Cup 2022 "SKEET" incl. 250 shots
Lot 410 - Corinna Rapp

1 starting place at the International Brandenburg Cup 2022 "SKEET" including 250 rounds of ammunition
Lot 174 - Thomas Schaub

DSB voucher block for 20 rounds of sporty trap, double trap or skeet
Lot 320 - Werner Bichtemann

Professional coaching lesson with certified coach Waldemar Schanz
Lot 120 - Eike Beckmann

Personalized letter cassette from Krüger Druck + Verlag
Lot 082 - Joachim Fred Keller

1 hearing protection from 3M Peltor
Lot 264 - Markus Garß

€ 50 voucher DSB-Shop
Lot 283 - Klaus Heise
Lot 424 - Elisabeth Dobias

1 annual subscription "DWJ"
Lot 279 - Ulf Flemmer
Lot 204 - Sven Andreas
Lot 418 - Ulf Flemmer
Lot 182 - Uwe Schönbach
Lot 154 - SSC bowl
Lot 019 - Michael Mathias
Lot 032 - JSM
Lot 383 - Rolf-Dieter Kahle
Lot 486 - Dirk Heyden
Lot 346 - Frank Ledva

1 thermos in shotgun design from RWS
Lot 239 - Christian Albrecht

1 annual subscription "DSZ"
Lot 115 - Bernd Raabe

1 annual subscription to the magazine "Our Hunt"
Lot 160 - Sebastian Schuhmacher
Lot 068 - Dr. Thorsten Kruger
Lot 183 - Christoph Eggermann