Gun of the Year 2024

“The Perfect Memory”

The Krieghoff 2024 "The Perfect Memory" emerges as a symphony of craftsmanship, artistry and the spirit of the hunt, elegantly captured on the canvas of the K-80/S. The K-80/S extends the traditional K-80 receiver with spacious side plates perfect for showcasing works of art. This design allows for the intricate and detailed depictions that world class engraver Chantal Schaschl has once again masterfully executed. This exquisite piece artfully captures the essence of the outdoors and the noble
bond between hunter and dog.

The right side of the gun presents a lively scene of three pointers, animated in their quest, flushing up three golden pheasants. This intricate depiction is complemented by a detailed close-up of a hen perched gracefully on a branch, and the kind, expressive face of a setter, embodying the soulful connection between these loyal companions and the wild.

On the left side, the artwork transitions to a serene yet dynamic portrayal of a marshland scene. A retriever, in its element, is shown returning triumphantly with a duck, capturing the essence of its breed’s purpose. Nearby, a Canadian goose glides peacefully in the water, contrasting with the thrilling scene of receivers fervently chasing golden waterfowl, encapsulating the intensity and beauty of the hunt.

The base of the receiver is a tableau of nature’s ballet - featuring a setter in the field, its gaze fixed on a golden pheasant, and a breathtaking scene of waterfowl as they take to the sky, symbolizing the freedom and wildness of nature.

Completing this masterpiece is the top latch, engraved with the noble face of a setter. This image serves as a crowning tribute to these faithful companions, capturing their dignity and unwavering spirit.

Each element of "The Perfect Memory" is a testament to Chantal's mastery, blending realism with artistic flair. The gun is not just a tool for the sport but a tribute to the enduring legacy of hunting and the deep respect for the creatures and companions that make it a noble pursuit.