11 Gold medals at the German nation Championship

Krieghoff sweeped the board at the German national championship!
In total, Krieghoff shooters won eleven gold, four silver and four bronze medals.

We are particularly proud of the new German champion in Trap Andy Löw, a double podium with silver and bronze for women Trap by Kathrin Quooß and Kathrin Murche, the silver medal by Tilo Schreier ins Skeet and – last but not least – of course, the gold medal again for Andy Löw andKathrin Murche at the Trap Mixed Team.



Men I, Gold: Löw Andreas
Ladies I, Silver: Quooß Kathrin
Ladies I, Bronze: Murche Kathrin
Ladies III, Gold: Hüsing Silke
Men III, Gold: Schanz Waldemar
Men IV, Bronze: Niemitz Klaus
Junioren I, Silver: Dannler Patricia


Trap Mixed Team

Klasse I, Silver: Löw Andreas, Murche Kathrin
Junioren I, Silver: Dannler Patricia



Men I, Silver: Schreier Tilo


Skeet Mixed Team

Category I, Bronze: Schreier Tilo



Men II, Gold: Ullmer Andreas
Men III, Gold: Schanz Waldemar
Men IV, Gold: Klein Rolf
Men IV, Bronze: Behn Thorsten


Doppeltrap Mannschaft

Men III, Gold: Schanz Waldemar, Behn Thorsten, Ottens Axel