Fast and convenient – Krieghoff Gun Service

Fast and convenient – Krieghoff Gun Service

Regular servicing of your quality products from Krieghoff will ensure that you can count on the reliability and safety of your gun without reservation even after many years of use. With the Krieghoff Gun Services, we offer you the fast, uncomplicated option of having us pick up your gun and carefully inspecting, cleaning and lubricating it. After servicing, we return your weapon to you together with a servicing certificate at the address you provided to us. Should we find any defects during servicing, we will inform you immediately to discuss the options for repair with you. All weapons (no older than 25 years) returned to you defect-free after servicing or repair will be given a two-year warranty on the lock components. Simply use our order form to schedule the servicing for your gun or ask your dealer to do so!

Periodical maintenance ensures the reliability and safety of your weapon


To have your gun serviced, send us an order by completing our online order form, which can also be printed and faxed or mailed to us. Upon receipt of your order, we will schedule a pick-up for you. Please note that your gun should be securely packaged for transport. Upon request, we will be happy to send you a transport box (Krieghoff GunPack), which costs € 39.00 plus € 6.80 for shipping.  The transport of your gun by our courier partner is insured.

After servicing, i.e. after approximately 10 working days, we will return the weapon to you at the address you provided to us in advance. Of course, you can also ask your dealer to commission and process the Krieghoff gun servicing for you.

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