Ultra 20 Over and Under Rifle/Shotgun Combination

Action available in steel or duraluminium; standard barrel length: 55 cm (22“), or 60 cm (24“) optionally; standard stock length: 37 cm (14,5“) incl. 15 mm (0,6“) rubber recoil pad in black.
Weight: Thermo Stable barrels, approx. 2.700 – 3.400 g.
Weight: Traditionally soldered barrels, approx. 2.700 – 3.400 g.

  • Barrel set Ultra 20 Over & Under Rifle/Shotgun Combination

  • Barrel set Ultra 20 Over & Under Rifle/Shotgun Combination with Insert Barrel

  • Steel pistol grip cap with custom engraving

  • 2-way flip sight for Rifle/Shotgun Combinations

  • Inlet into pistol grip cap with custom engraving

  • Stock magazine with hinged cover plate

The Krieghoff Ultra

The Krieghoff Ultra

Passionate hunters want to experience every facet of the hunting adventure. The Ultra 20 is versatile and flexible and is the perfect gun to make these dreams come true. It can be configured as an over-and-under combination rifle/shotgun, two-caliber double rifle combination or over-and-under double rifle – it has the capacity to make any hunting scenario a success. Short, responsive and accurate – with the Ultra 20, the hunter remains responsive and in command of any situation. With its slim and elegant features, the Ultra 20 is the all-round gun that hunters choose without a second thought, always at hand and never a burden. With Krieghoff‘s versatility concept technology, this over-and-under gun shines in every role.

  • Set trigger integrated in the front trigger
  • Universal Trigger System
  • Combi-Cocking Device
  • Steel trigger guard
  • Front plate for pivot bridge mount
  • Steel shot proofed depending on choke size and material of the receiver
  • Quick detachable sling swivels
  • Steel trigger plate
  • Nickel plated receiver finish
  • Border engraving around receiver
  • Hinge screws, top latch, screws and pins are blued
  • Standard wood grade
  • Right-handed stock with Bavarian-style cheekpiece and “Schnabel” forearm
  • "Schnabel" forearm
  • Supplied in Krieghoff GunPack

Hunting has many aspects and the passionate hunter wants to experience each

  • General Options


    Corrosion resistant Ilaflon-Coating for barrel.


    Final shaping and finish of action and parts is created with hand tools.

  • Barrels & Accessories
    Rifle calibers:
    • 7x57R
    • 7x65R
    • .308 Win.
    • .30-06
    • .30R Blaser
    • 8x57IRS
    • 8x75RS
    • 9,3x74R
    • 6,5x57R
    • 6,5x65R
    Rifle caliber bottom barrel:
    • 20/76 (3")
    Further calibers and gauges:
    • Further calibers and gauges on request
    Barrel length:
    • 55 cm Thermo Stable
    • 60 cm Thermo Stable
    • 60 cm traditionally soldered
    • 63,5 cm traditionally soldered
    • Further calibers and gauges on request.
    Krieghoff see through sight
    Cosmetic sideribs for models thermo stable

    For technical and aesthetic reasons, the side rib is best fitted after scope mounting and sighting-in and we strongly recommend that this process is carried out at the factory.

    For rimless cartridges

    For rimless cartridges

    Krieghoff insert barrel "KS"

    The KS insert barrel adjusts at the muzzle end eliminating the need to remove from the carrier barrel. Purchasing an Insert Barrel "KS" always includes fitting, proof testing and sighting-in. Over & under rifle/shotgun combination featuring light weight receivers, made from duraluminium can only be equipped with 5,6x52R Mag. calibers and only, if the lock up of the gun is in good condition.

    Insert Barrel calibers:
    • .22 Hornet
    • .222 Rem.
    • 5,6x50R Mag.
    • 5,6x52R Savage
    • 6,5x57R
    • 7x57R
    • 7x65R
    • .30R Blaser
    • 8x57IRS
    • 8x75RS
    • .308 Win.
    • .30-06
    • 9,3x74R

    Interchangeable Barrel Sets

    Interchangeable barrel sets include complete forend wood assembly in standard grade wood. Barrel fitting, proof testing and sighting-in are included.

    • Interchangeable over & under rifle/shotgun combination barrel, thermo stable
    • Interchangeable over & under rifle/shotgun combination barrel, traditionally soldered
    • Interchangeable over & under double rifle, thermo stable
    • Interchangeable “Bergstutzen” barrel, thermo stable
  • Scope mounts
    Pivot bridge mount
    Pivot bridge ring mount for driven hunt scopes
    Tip-off mount for red dot sight
  • Systemvarianten & Gravuren

    • Automatic set trigger release, per set trigger; Not in combination with single trigger or Krieghoff 1-2 trigger
    • Second set trigger installed in the rear trigger
    • Krieghoff 1-2 trigger (Double trigger, front trigger works as set trigger)
    • Single combination trigger featuring set trigger device, non selective; Fixed firing sequence: bottom barrel – top barrel. Because of the fixed firing sequence, this feature is not recommended for models with selective barrels, e. g. over & under rifles/shotgun combination and “Bergstutzen”. Not available in combination with the automatic set trigger release.
    Surface finish:
    • Nickel plated, blued finish of all external parts
    • Blued (steel receiver)
    • Nitrated (steel receiver)
    • PH-Pro Coating
    • Complete nickel finish of all external parts
    • Internal lock parts nickel plated
    • Internal lock parts gold plated, trigger not included
    • Single combination trigger gold plated
    • Double trigger gold plated
  • Stocks & Woodwork

    Woodstock category
    • Category 000 (Standard)
    • Category 001
    • Category 002
    • Category 003
    • Category 004
    • Category C1
    • Category C2
    • Category C3

    A custom fit stock is almost entirely hand made with only minimal pre-machining. Atypical stock dimensions and longer stock lengths generally require a custom fit stock. Further information on request.

    Exclusive wood categorys as stock blanks (hand-crafted)

    Due to the high cost of raw materials, wood grades higher than 004 require a custom made stock. The exclusive C-categories are limited. Therfore the availability of them can not be guaranteed. 

    Hand-crafted stock
    • Buttstock with standard dimensions
    • Buttstock with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications
    • Forearm with standard dimensions
    • Forearm with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications, beavertail or semi-beavertail forearm
      • Inlet into pistol grip cap
      • Steel pistol grip cap fully covering
      • Two letters engraved
      • Two letters engraved in relief style
      • Two letters in silver
      • Two letters in gold
    Recoil pad with leather cover
    • Rubber recoil pad 15, 20 und 25 mm
    • With brown leather cover
    • With black leather cover
    Stock magazine with hinged cover plate
    • Ornamental line engraving to match receiver border included
    • Other engravings upon request
    BreaKO recoil reducer

    Fitting included (weight: 350 g/12,3 oz, diameter: 22,5 mm, length: 100 mm)

    Exclusive options

    Hand-polished stock-finish
    • Matt
    • High gloss
    • Fine checkering
    • Skip checkering
    • Fish scale checkering
    Carved border of the checkering
    • Checkering with carved border with leaf arabesques
    • Checkering with carved border with fine English
    • Checkering with carved border with English arabesques
    • Checkering with carved border with full oak leaves
    Full carving 
    • Leaf arabesques
    • Fine English
    • English arabesques
    • Full oak leaves
    Ebony or rosewood cap on grip and forearm