Firing quickly and intuitively to hit the target is essential in hunting situations that require rapid, reliable reactions. Only an optimized trigger enables you to make the most of such opportunities. If the trigger pull force is too high, it compromises accuracy, but too low a pull force poses the risk of inadvertent firing, e.g. when your freezing fingers have lost their feeling on a driven hunt in icy winter weather. Krieghoff’s Universal Trigger System is set to release cleanly and precisely at 100-1500 grams, without the risk of doubling. The prerequisites for hitting a target accurately over long distances include a stable rest, a steady pulse and a trigger that releases precisely with minimal resistance. That’s why the Krieghoff Universal Trigger System features a set (hair) trigger. Krieghoff’s hair trigger is also available as the rear trigger on guns with double triggers. The optional automatic hair trigger release makes handling your gun even safer and easier: simply move the cocking slide to the rear position to automatically disengage the set (hair) trigger.

The Combi-Cocking Device

An uncocked gun is a safe gun. Every Krieghoff with a Combi-Cocking Device can be carried safely with its hammers uncocked. Just before you fire a shot, push the ergonomically designed cocking slide forward in a smooth, practically noiseless motion. Now the gun is cocked and ready to shoot. If you don’t fire, uncock the gun again by pushing the cocking slide all the way forward and letting it slide back. If you leave the cocking slide in the forward position, the gun is automatically re-cocked when you open the barrel set, as with a self-cocking firearm. Thus, after you reload and close the weapon again, you can continue firing immediately. The Krieghoff Combi-Cocking Device offers important advantages when you need to shoot quickly, e.g. when you are on a driven hunt.

Automatic set trigger release I

The patented Krieghoff De-Setting Device combines two important safety functions:

1. With the gun lock in the uncocked position, the set trigger will not engage.

Automatic set trigger release II

The patented Krieghoff De-Setting-Device combines two important safety features:
2. The set trigger will automatically disengage while de-cocking the gun using the manual cocking slide.