K-80 Sporting

Barrel length: 71 (28"), 76 (30") or 81 cm (32"); soldered top rib: 10 mm taper flat;
right-handed "Sporting" stock with "Schnabel" forearm.
Weight: fixed chokes, approx. 3.950 g
Weight: screw-in chokes, approx. ca. 3.980 g

  • Sideplates for K-80, available for new guns only

  • Krieghoff Factory Titanium screw-in chokes

  • Color case hardened finish of the receiver

  • Trigger gold plated (including trigger group), steel or titanium

  • Krieghoff HiViZ Pro Shotgun Sight

  • Krieghoff Balance System – barrel weights

  • Custom made stock with ergonomic grip and finger grooves as well as an adjustable butt plate

  • Krieghoff factory screw in chokes and flushfitted screw in chokes

The legendary K-80!

The legendary K-80!

There’s a good reason why the K-80 is a shotgun legend. It’s a combination of everything that makes that crucial difference in competitive shooting: The raised and adjustable ProSporter rib provides a significantly broader field of view. The adjustable stock allows such an exact fit to individual needs that shooter and shotgun merge into one. The K-80 "Sporters" has ranked high among sporting clay shooting enthusiasts and successful pros for many years. Its outstanding performance is based upon its flexible configuration options, perfect balance and proverbial reliability. The newest edition to Krieghoff, the K-80 Parcours featuring a soldered barrel, fixed chokes, specially designed non-adjustable stock and the regular K-80 receiver, is significantly lighter than the classic K-80 and optimized for hunting parcours. The lightweight design is not only suitable for the Parcours, but also outstanding for wingshooting. 

  • Free-floated barrel set
  • Soldered top rib: 10 mm taper flat
  • Extended factory screw-in chokes, incl. five steel choke tubes and choke wrench
  • Nickel plated steel action
  • Hinge screws, top latch, screws and pins are blued
  • Selectable, mechanical single trigger
  • Length adjustable trigger blade
  • Light scroll engraving pattern
  • Adjustable comb
  • Standard wood
  • Stock Finish: SEF (Satin Epoxy Finish)
  • Supplied in a gun case

A true legend for a reason

  • General Options


    • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel
    • Titanium Front Hanger
    • Five Titanium screw-in chokes

    Titan-Options, black

    • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel, matt black
    • Titanium Front Hanger, matt black 
    • Five Titanium screw-in chokes, matt black

    Titan-Options, gold plated

    • Titanium trigger, trigger group made of steel, gold plated
    • Titanium Front Hanger, gold plated
    • Five Titanium screw-in chokes, gold plated

    Matched Pairs

    Upcharge of 10% with any order of a matching pair. This includes consecutive numbers and Stocks matching in colour, figure and weight. Both guns are identically balanced.

    Krieghoff Balance System

    • The barrel can be provided with up to three additional 40 g weights underneath the forend, thus making an increase of 120 g at the front end possible.
      • The buttstock can be equipped with a special stock bolt, which is 40 g heavier than a standard stock bolt, and can accept up to three additional 30 g weights. Thus, making buttstock up to 130 g heavier.
  • Barrels & Accessories
    • 12/76 (3"), chambers are chrome plated
    • 20/76 (3"), chambers are chrome plated
    • 28/76 (3"), chambers are chrome plated
    • .410/76 (3")
    Barrel length:
    • 76 cm Thermo Stable
    • 81 cm Thermo Stable
    • 71 cm Thermo Stable (only in 12 gauge and with flushfitted Screw-in chokes)
    Barrel Porting

    For gauge 12 – recoil and muzzle jump is reduced.

    Krieghoff HIVIZ Pro

    Shotgun Sight

    Interchangeable Barrel Sets

    • K-80 Sporting, with screw-in chokes
      Barrel length: 76 (30") or 81 cm (32"); soldered top rib: 10 mm taper flat, soldered; free-floated barrel set

    Basically, the K-80 can be fitted with all available K-80 barrel sets. However, it should be noted that due to the different levels of top rib, the stock must be adjusted accordingly, or must also be replaced.

    Krieghoff KTW FlushFit Choke

    • Factory screw-in chokes (12)

    It is possible to install these screw-in chokes into fixed choke weapons retroactively. Available in 12, 20, 28 and .410 Gauge. Available in the following versions:

    00=C=Cylinder=0,00 mm
    0=S=Skeet=0,13 mm
    1=IC=Improved Cylinder=0,25 mm
    1+=LM=Light Modified=0,38 mm
    2=M=Modified IM=0,51 mm
    2+=LIM=Light improved Modified=0,64 mm
    3=IM=Improved Modified=0,76 mm
    4=F=Full=0,89 mm
    5=SF=Super Full=1,02 mm
  • Systemvarianten & Gravuren
  • Stocks & Woodwork

    Stocks & Woodwork

    Woodstock category
    • Category 000 (Standard)
    • Category 001
    • Category 002
    • Category 003
    • Category 004
    • Category C1
    • Category C2
    • Category C3

    A custom fit stock is almost entirely hand made with only minimal pre-machining. Atypical stock dimensions and longer stock lengths generally require a custom fit stock. Further information on request.


    Exclusive wood categorys as stock blanks (hand-crafted)

    Due to the high cost of raw materials, wood grades higher than 004 require a custom made stock. The exclusive C-categories are limited. Therfore the availability of them can not be guaranteed.


    Left-handed stock
    Hand-crafted stock 
    • Custom made stock with ergonomic grip and finger grooves as well as an adjustable butt plate
    • Buttstock with standard dimensions
    • Buttstock with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications
    • Forearm with standard dimensions
    • Forearm with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications, beavertail or semi-beavertail forearm
    Hand-polished stock-finish, grain filled
    • Matt 
    • High gloss
    Monogram plate
    • Inlet into pistol grip cap
    • Steel pistol grip cap fully covering
    • Two letters engraved
    • Two letters engraved in relief style
    • Two letters in silver
    • Two letters in gold
    Krieghoff Balance System – Stock weight for K-80 

    The butt stock can be equipped with a special stock bolt, which is 40 g heavier than a standard stock bolt, and can accept up to fi ve additional 30 g weights. So, the weight of the stock can be increased up to 190 g.

    Adjustable butt plate
    Length of pull adjustment option

    For K-80 and KX-6 – Length of pull can be easily adjusted with the addition of optional pre-fitted 6,4 mm (1/4") spacers. Only in conjunction with adjustable butt plate.